Shoulder workout dumbbells

Want to achieve wider and rounder shoulders by just working out with dumbbells ? Follow this workout and achieve your goals in the blog Shoulder workout dumbbells.


Shoulder workout dumbbells


When it comes to shoulders putting on mass is really a difficulty thing for most of the gym goers and athletes. Many even find it very difficult to train shoulders .

The biggest issue is partial development of the shoulders. As the shoulders include three major muscles and rotator cuff. The majority of the people train the anterior part as its exercises are simple as compared to lateral and rear deltoids or shoulder.

In order to develop all the muscles in the shoulder one should understand the functioning and working of all the muscles in the shoulder.

  • The anterior deltoid is the  front of the shoulder and connected to the pectoralis major muscle.
  • The lateral deltoid is the muscle  located to the side portion of the shoulder. It is involved in the movements such as raising hands to the lateral of the body.
  • Rear deltoid or even called as posterior deltoid is the muscle which joins the shoulder to the back. And this muscle is the most neglected during shoulders workout.

Why its is important to train shoulders more precisely than any other body part?

  • The shoulders are used in mostly training every body part. Whether it is chest ,arms,back or even legs shoulders are involved in each and every workout. Hence shoulders should be developed properly as weak shoulders will decrease the overall body strength and the muscle gains.
  • Maximum number of injuries reported in the gym is of shoulders . It is because of the reason that the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body.  Strengthening the shoulder joint muscles will probably decrease the chances of injuries.
  • In bodybuilders the shoulder width is considered as a muscle to give the overall body a V-taper look. Athletes are often judged according to the ratio of shoulder to waist.

Points to focus on.

Shoulders will not just grow with lifting heavy weights or any number of sets. The growth of the shoulders depend upon the following factors:

  1. Muscle and mind connection comes the first not only in shoulders but in every body part training. To have a muscle mind connection the focus should be 100%. Without a muscle mind connection you will never be able to perform the exercise with proper form.
  2. If you are not performing the exercise with proper form, lifting heavy weights  for any number of reps wont help in the muscle breakdown. Hence, if  the muscle is not breakdown properly their will be no repair of the muscle fibers and hence no growth.
  3. Train till failure. Training till failure will probably help you breakdown the muscles properly and even make you push your limits.
  4. Nutrition is every thing. Remember that muscles are repaired by proper nutrition . Improper nutrition will lead to muscle loss and weakness. Hence the diet should be a combination of protein , carbohydrates, fats and fiber.
  5. HIIT. High intensity will probably help in breaking the plateaus. It can be reached by including partial reps ,drops sets and super sets in the workout. Remember to take proper rest between the sets to avoid more lactose buildup and fatigue .

Benefits of using dumbbells.

  1. Dumbbells help in more breakdown of muscles than barbell . Because muscles can be more isolated and due to complete movement. Muscles can even be contracted and relaxed more efficiently than barbells or machines.
  2. Exercising with dumbbells will lead to more inter and intramuscular co-ordination which will lead to more muscle activation.
  3. Dumbbells can be used for almost each an every exercise of the shoulders and  other body parts.
  4. They allow to focus more on a single arm, shoulder or any other body part at a time. Which is definitely beneficial in many ways.
  5. Working out with dumbbells require more attention and  efforts to maintain the balance. Hence working with dumbbells will increase the focus and involvement in the workout both mentally and physically.
Shoulder workout dumbbells
Dumbbell bent over lateral raises.


Shoulder workout dumbbells.

  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press . 8-12 reps for 4 sets.
  2. Dumbbell Front Raise. 12 reps for 3 sets.
  3. Dumbbell Lateral Raise. 12 reps for 3 sets.
  4. Dumbbell Bent-Over Lateral Raise. 15 reps for 3 sets.
  5. Dumbbell Upright Row. Drop set for 15/12/10/8 reps.

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