Mr Olympia 2018 winner and results

Joe Weider’s Mr Olympia weekend took place on 13-16 September. Their were many bodybuilding categories but the Mr Olympia title winner is from the ‘open’category. Check out the winner and rankings below in the blog ‘ Mr Olympia winner and results ‘.

1.Shawn Rhoden.

Mr Olympia

The winner of the title is Shawn Rhoden.  He was placed 5th last year. But this year he looked really sharp and his abdominals and quads were on point. The abdominals and quads helped him to beat the 7 time Mr Olympia Phil Heath.


2.Phil Heath.Mr Olympia

Phil Heath 7 time Mr Olympia from 2011 to 2017 failed to defend his title this year.

Phil looked huge and we’ll conditioned on the stage.  He even was operated for Hernia and yes it result in a positive way for his physique.  His waist looked small as compared to 2017 Mr Olympia.But the bubble gut cost him the tittle as his waist was big .

3.Roelly Winklaar.Mr Olympia


Roelly stepped with his best physique till date on the stage of of Mr Olympia  . Last year he was placed at 6th position. This year he trained at Oxygen gym and worked really hard to decrease his gut and increase the size. He was amongst the  biggest guys on the  stage .

He even won the people’s choice of Mr Olympia title.Mr Olympia

4.William Bonac.

He is a resident of Ghana.  With a height of 5 feet 7 inches he carries an undeniable physique. He is much small as compared to other Olympia contenders but his symmetry, proportionality, posing and everything is perfect.

5.Brandon curry.Mr Olympia

This guy presented a complete insane package of muscles with conditioning. Last year he was placed 8th. This time he trained at the oxygen gym and brought his best physique till date.


6.Big Ramy.Mr Olympia 2018

Big Ramy aka Mamdouh Elssbiay was placed 2 last year. He is a member of Oxygen gym and Camel crew . He was the biggest guy on the stage of Olympia 2018. But somewhere he lacked conditioning . He weighed 310 lbs on the stage.

7.Dexter Jackson.Mr Olympia

Also known as ‘the blade’ dexter was placed 4th in last year’s Olympia.  He has also won the title of Mr Olympia in the year 2008. At the age of 49 he carries a well conditioned and muscular physique.

8.Nathan De Asha.Mr Olympia

Last year Nathan was placed 7th. This year he looked more sharp and his shoulder to waist ratio was on next level.

9.Cedric McMillan.

Cedric was placed 10th last year. He looked more muscular this year .Mr Olympia 2018

10.Steve Kuclo.

This guy was placed at the same position in last year’s Mr Olympia.



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