Lats workout

Want a V-taper back? Follow this workout routine to gain thickness and add mass in the Lats in the blog Lats workout.

Lats workout

Lats( Latissimus dorsi ).

The Lats or Latissimus dorsi muscle is a big muscle located at the upper part of the biggest muscle group Back. Latissimus dorsi is a flat muscle on the back which stretches to the sides, behind the arm. It is partly covered by the traps or trapezius on the back near the center or middle of the back.The lats are also the largest muscle in the upper body hence it plays important roles in the functioning of human body.

The lats are involved in the movements such as Vertical pulling movements, Horizontal pulling movements and Shoulder extension movements . The lats provide the stability to the human body and helps to maintain erect posture. It even protects  the spinal cord. The V-taper look or may known as cobra back can be achieved by proper training and nutrition of the lats.

Many gym goers crave the V-taper look hence we are revealing you the right way to grow your lats and add some thickness to your back.

Most people neglect the basics that’s why they don’t see their lats growing. In order to achieve  the growth proper muscle breakdown is necessary . Hence one cannot breakdown muscle of the lat without basic exercises.

The basic exercises of the lats include pull ups, chin ups, and dead lifts. As these exercises will provide maximum muscle breakdown so their will be increase in the blood flow through these muscles. Through blood flow more nutrients will be provided to these muscles which will help them recover and provide growth.Hence diet should be on point for your body to repair muscles and show growth. The diet should be a balance of high protein moderate carbs and good fats with high fiber.


The strategy  of the workout is to provide maximum muscle breakdown in minimum time. Hence the intensity of the workout should be very high. High intensity will be reached by lifting your heaviest weight possible till failure. First try to warm up with light weights and partial reps to allow maximum blood flow to the body part.You can warm up with pull ups or chin ups or whichever exercise you perform first. To keep the intensity high and still be lifting heavy proper rest is necessary .Take 60-90 secs rest between sets as per required.Otherwise their will be production of lactate in the muscles and you will feel tired and fatigued very quickly.Hence proper rest is mandatory.

The right form is the key .Hence muscle and mind connection is necessary to make the form on point. The muscle and mind connection will be achieved by intense focus.So you may use a pre-workout supplement such as bcaas, creatine or l carnitine. These supplements will provide insane energy. With the help of which you can perform maximum reps with heavy weights which will result in maximum muscle breakdown.

Lats workout

Lats workout.

Week 1.

  1. Pull ups.
  2. Close-Grip Front Lat Pull down.
  3. Wide-Grip Lat Pull down.
  4. Bent Over Barbell Row.
  5. One arm dumbbell row.
  6. Corner row.
  7. Dumbbell pull over.
Lats workout
Dumbbell both hand bent over row.

Week 2.

  1. Chin ups.
  2. V-grip pull down.
  3. Behind the neck pull down.
  4. T bar rows.
  5. Dumbbell both hand bent over row.
  6. Cable pull over.
  7. Dead lifts.








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