Good shoulder workouts and anatomy

Good shoulder workouts and anatomy.


Good shoulder workouts



Shoulders overview.

Shoulder the upper body part for which most work hard but lack definition and size . So here is a 12 week specially customized Good shoulder workouts and anatomy program which will give you huge and well-defined shoulders.
Shoulder gives the body “V taper look” because the wider the shoulder the smaller the waist will look .

V taper shape is what most of us crave and work hard for . So guys first we will take an overview of the shoulder muscles anatomy and understand on what muscles we have to work for in our Good shoulder workouts and anatomy program.

Shoulders consist of three muscles. The anterior delt which is located in front and side of the chest. It majorly helps and flexion of upper chest and functioning of shoulder joint .

Second muscle is the lateral or medial delt. It is located at the middle or lateral to the shoulders. Third is the posterior delt or deltoid. It is located at the back of the shoulders and responsible for the major functions of the shoulder.

Anterior delt.

The main function of the anterior delt is to do shoulder flexion. Shoulder flexion is done by raising the arms upward in front direction . Anterior delt is also involved in chest exercises such as bench press, dumbbell press and flys .

The growth of the anterior delt can be target by number of exercises. Some of them are dumbbell front raises , Barbell front raises, and compound lifts abs military press.

The anterior delt also helps in upper chest also known as pectoralis major exercises and flexion . The exercises such as rope cable front raises and rod cable front raises .

Lateral delts.

Lateral delts or also known as medial delt is one of the most lacking or underdeveloped body part in most of the gym goers .
The function of this muscle is to do shoulder abduction .

Shoulder abduction means raising the hands to the sides of the body. This muscle is not involved in any other function or movement of the body. So this part of the shoulders is needed to train significantly and in few exercises.

This body muscle is trained with dumbbell lateral raises. It isn’t one of the best exercise for developing this muscle. This muscle can also be targeted by champagne raises and cable lateral raises . The development of this muscle is important because it contributes in the overall size of your shoulders.

Posterior delt.

Posterior delt is located above the back and is joined to lateral delt but have a different starting point. Majorly this sleepy is the most lacking and is very important for the strength and functionality of the shoulders.

This muscles are involved in back exercises such as variations of rows but not to a great.extent. This muscles can be trained with cable face pulls exercise. The major and the best exercise for this delt is posterior delt reverse fly.

This exercise is mainly performed on reverse fly machine . The variation for this reverse machine fly is cable reverse flys.

The traps are also considered a part the shoulder . Actually they are a part of the back muscles but we will train them along with shoulders.

The trapezius commonly known as trap muscles is an important part to work on. As it is visible from front and from back also. The traps are basically targeted with shrugs. Shrugs is a simple exercise where you can easily go heavy. The shrugs are performed with barbells, dumbbells and even plates.

In our 12 weeks Good shoulder workouts and anatomy program we will majorly focus on development of
the all three muscles of the shoulders. The workout is designed to completely shock the muscles and stimulate the growth.

You will shock the muscles by performing different exercises every week with a number of variations in exercises. And even a number of variations in sets and number of reps.

The rep ranges will be from 8 to 15 so you have to go as heavy as you can . The numbers of sets varies from drop sets to 4 sets.

In drop sets you have to perform 10 reps with your heaviest weight and then drop the weight and perform 10 reps and again drop the weight and perform 20 reps. This will be done while taking no rest so as to ensure the intensity of our workout isn’t high.

Or the intensity to raise you will also perform super sets of two exercises.

Week 1.

1.Barbell military press 8 reps & 4 sets.
2.Dumbbell Arnold’s press 8 reps & 4 sets.
3.Barbell don’t raise 15 reps and 3 sets
4.Super set of dumbbell front raises and dumbbell lateral raises for 15 reps & 3 sets .
5.Cable lateral raises 15 reps and 3 sets.
6.Upright rows 15 reps and 3 sets.
7.Barbell shrugs 15 reps & 3 sets.
8.Last is the drop set of dumbbell shrugs.

Week 2

1.Dumbbell overhead press for 12 reps and 4 sets.
2.Machine overhead press for 15 reps and 3 sets.
3.Rope front raises for 15 reps and 3 sets.
4.Dumbbell front raises for 15 reps and 3 sets .
5.Single hand dumbbell raises 15 reps and 3 sets.
6.Now perform a drop set of cable lateral raises.
7.Reverse machine fly for 15 reps and 3 sets.
8.Upright rows ( last set drop) for 15 reps and 3 sets.
9.Last exercise is dumbbell shrugs for 12 reps and 5 sets.

Week 3

1.First exercise is machine overhead press  for 12 reps and 3 sets.
2.Next will be behind the neck press for 15 reps and 3 sets.
3.Now Arnold’s dumbbell press for 12 reps and 3 sets .
4.Cable front raises for 15 reps and 3 sets.
5.Now drop set of front dumbbell raises for 10/10/20 reps.
6.Lateral raises from cable  for 15 reps and 3 sets.
7.Champagne raises for 12 reps and 4 sets.
8.Barbell backside shrugs for 15 reps and 3 sets.
9.Last exercise is a drop set of dumbbell shrugs for 10/10/20 reps.

Combine these weekly exercises for 12 weeks in our Good shoulder workouts and anatomy program and see the difference by yourselves.

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