Best pec workout

Best pec workout.


Best pec workout

Chest or you may say pec is one the most admired body part . Many of us train hard but are not able to see that chest growing . Many have big muscular chest but lack definition. Mostly everyone faces the problem of having a good lower lest but a bad upper chest. So here we are revealing the secret to a perfect chest . We are providing you with a specially customized program Best pec workout of 12 weeks where we will provide you with all the tricks and exercises to make your chest fully grow and loose your chest fat .

Usually our gym trainers and professionals don’t tell everything they implement on themselves but here we are providing you how it is done.

In this Best pec workout we are gonna use Arnold’s famous principle of “shocking the muscle” . For shocking the muscle you must be an intermediate gym person and not a beginner.As a beginner you won’t be able to perform this workout because it is very much intense.

In this workout we focus on intensity by taking a maximum rest of 40 sec between sets. You can even rest less but not more. We will shock the muscles by targeting them from different angles and different exercises in each workout.

The rep ranges are mostly 15 -30 . Remember that when you are performing exercises for 15 reps pick your heaviest weights in each set while doing progressive overload. But when it comes to rep ranges more than 15 then go for a weight which is a little lighter than your heaviest . Not very light the weight should be challenging so that you hit the failure at 30 reps.

You can perform chest once a week or twice it’s up to you .But here I have kept it once a week and that’s Tuesday. In the super sets you don’t have to rest between every set you can rest after you perform single set of two exercises .

The workout is designed to hit every single muscle fiber in your chest and stimulate the growth and loose the fat. Always do stretching and warmup before you start your workout . Your warmup may be a couple sets of pushups before you perform chest exercises.

We are focusing more on muscle growth because our goal is to look shredded. If we will just loose fat and gain no muscle we’ll turn into a skinny person not a muscular and shredded person.

As more muscles means more calories your body burns to do the work so you will definitely loose way more fat than a weight loss program.We are even using a death set as a finisher in our workouts to help us stimulate the growth .

If you are not able to perform the death set on a go then you can make it a rest-pause set. In rest-pause set  you will do as many reps as you can till you hit the failure and then take a rest of 10 seconds and start again and go till failure repeat again and again till you can not perform the exercise anymore


Chest workout
Week 1

After doing stretching and warm up for the chest , we’ll start with the compound exercise bench press. Bench press are the base of building a huge chest . We will perform 3 variations of this exercise, means we will target the muscle group from three different angles. Flat,incline and decline bench press.

After this compound exercise we’ll move on to isolation exercises . Because by just doing functional training you can’t shape the muscle isolation exercises are responsible for the definition of the muscle. We’ll perform dumbbell fly with the rep range of 20 , the number of reps is increasing to help you loose fat and get a bigger and defined chest.

The next exercise is cable fly with number of reps 30 . It’s again an isolation exercise. The finisher is our death set of double bar dips of 50 reps. The biggest issue is the lower chest fat ,so double bar dips are amazing for lower chest and a death set that will even boost the fat burning process

Week 2.

Chest workout
Week 2

In week two we will start with dumbbell the press an alternative for bench press . Dumbbell presses are great for building pecs .With a dumbbell press, you’re getting more adduction of the humerus which you don’t get while performing it with a Barbell. We will targets chest from three different angles in dumbbell press.

Then we will move to dumbbell squeeze press . They give an insane pump to the pecs . We will now perform a super set of fly and double bar dips. There will be no rest when switching from line exercise to another . This super set will boost the intensity of the workout to another level.

The last is the death set of pushups , as every one is aware of the benefits of the body weight pushups . We have to perform 50 reps of this exercise .

Week 3.

Best pec workout
Week 3

We will start the workout with bench press but this time we are performing it for 30 reps each set . Choose a weight lighter than your heaviest .

After performing three sets from three different angles each move on to standing upward fly for 3 yes and 15 reps .

The last exercise is dumbbell pullover. You have to pick you heaviest weight and go for 15 reps.

Week 4.

Chest workout
Week 4


In this workout we will start with dumbbell presses . Incline,decline and the flat dumbbell press each of 3 sets and 30 reps.

Now we will move on to the next exercise which is cable press .These are amazing for the upper chest . We’ll perform 15 reps of this exercise for 3 sets. The next exercise is machine fly .We have to perform this for 12 reps and 5 sets . The last one is the finisher death set 50 push-ups.

Combine these weekly exercises for 12 weeks and witness the difference by yourselves in our program Best pec workout.

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