10 best fastest way to lose weight

In this blog 10 best fastest way to loose weight we will provide you with 10 best ways  to follow for achieving your dream physique.

10 best fastest way to lose weight

10 best fastest way to lose weight.

Summer is here and every one is working their ass of to lose that extra pound from their  body but will they all really get the shredded beach body of their dreams ? The answer is no, because technique and planning are most important things to focus on but most people lack it . So here are 10 best fastest way to lose weight  to achieve that shredded physique in the right way and in weeks .

1. Choose the right diet plan :

Diet is the key for your fat loss and it’s the hardest part which gives the maximum result .It doesn’t matter how heavy you lift or how rightly you train if your diet is not on point you will become unhealthy and lose your muscles.So pick a diet plan which is suitable for your day-to-day activities and eating habits.And follow that diet strictly for at least for four weeks to see yourself transforming .

Choose a calorie deficit diet plan which contains food low in calories . Your diet plan should contain at least 5-6 meals a day . Your meals should be high in protein and low in carbs and fats at the minimum value. Put this statement in your mind “ Nothing can compensate a bad diet “ it doesn’t matter how hard you work you won’t be able to achieve your goals with a bad eating routine.

2 .Do HIIT and HIRT workouts.

Do circuit training which involves full body workout and keep your rest period between 30-45 seconds . Your workout should be a combination of super sets ,death sets and a finisher set. Your workout should be a combination of heavy and low rep sets and light and high reps sets . Don’t forget to go heavy as going heavier will burn more calories in and after your workout .

3. Go 5×5.

Start your workout with compound lifts and go heavy for 5 reps and 5 sets. As in compound lifts like squats ,bench press , deadlfts  you have to need to take much more time to catch your breath so keep your rest period between 60-90 seconds . Compound lifts burn calories for hours even after the workout.

4. Carbs and fats in the breakfast.

Have your biggest meals of the day in the morning to ensure that you burn those calories before going to bed. Carbs and fats will keep you fuller throughout the day .

5. High protein diet.

You will be on a calorie deficit diet to lose fat but to ensure you aren’t loosing any muscle mass you have to hit your target of 2 grams per kg of your body weight .Means if you weigh 65 kg then your total protein intake of the day will be around 130 grams. The high protein intake will help you gain more muscles and lose that fat fast.

6. Water up.

You have to believe me that water is the best fat burner . The more you drink the more you detoxify your body. The more water the more fullness in stomach and less cravings. In the summer you need a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and make your skin better.

7.Rest pause sets.

For maximum intensity add a rest pause set to your workout in the end of the workout. In the rest pause set select half the weight of your last set and try to do 50-100 reps. If you can’t push till your goal take a pause of 10 seconds and again start working for your goal this technique has shown maximum results while burning most of the calories and gaining muscles.

8. Replace your normal tea with green tea or black coffee

As we all know green tea is effective for weight loss . So just replace your normal tea with green tea . Coconut water is a good substitute in the morning .As it will help you detox and keep you hydrated in the summer.

9.Perform death set.

Add death set to your workout as a finisher. Death set is a one set exercise but the number of repetitions are quite high . The rep ranges are from 50-100 depending on the exercise. Death sets have shown tremendous stimulation in the muscle for growth in many studies . Mostly people add death set to their workouts in fat cutting phase so that the intensity of the workout is at its peak.

10. Supplementation.

In the summer it is difficult for your digestive system to digest those high protein low carbs diet . So adding supplements will give your system a relief . Increase your protein powder intake will help you by giving an instant energy and as they are easily absorbed hence they won’t hamper the digestive tract and make you reach your daily protein intake goal .

Supplementing with BCAAs is a great option as it keep you highly energized throughout the workout and provide you the nutrients.http://bodymakers.website/bcaas-when-to-take-side-effects-benefits/

Supplementing with creatine is one of the best thing to do in summer. As it will keep you hydrated by holding water in your muscles and make you exercise heavier and longer with a great intensity. It will result in lowering the body fat and increased muscle mass.http://bodymakers.website/creatine-hair-loss-reality-or-myth/


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